Saturday, 28 July 2012


77. Wednesday 25th July. Carlton.

I have been thinking a lot about other options than my car. I love my little car, but the doors are leaking and the mechanics (I've asked more than one) can't work out why. There was a little problem with the fuel spilling out if I filled it more than 3/4s full. It turned out that the fuel tank had warped (and split something important) and a new one had to be sent from France.

Then a fortnight ago I was driving on the freeway in the pouring rain and I hit a giant pot hole. The plastic hub cap thing popped off and the rim is dented. I took it in to get checked, but the guy who checked didn't notice that the brakes were broken. I found that out myself when I was driving about Bendigo yesterday. So now I am waiting for new brakes.  Hopefully in time for me to drive to my banjo lesson next Tuesday.

 78. 26th July. Woodend. I accidentally went into R.M.Williams in the city on Monday and they were having a sale and they had one pair of these left and they were in my size and 50% off and it was a sign and now I own my second pair of riding boots. Am I too afraid to wear them yet? Yes, sir.

 79. 27th July. Melbourne Uni. Rain.

 80. 28th July. Woodend. Flooding.

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