Sunday, 8 July 2012

I want those boots.

57. 5th July 2012. Woodend. I have been taking a lot of pictures of winter tree branches and train stations. I think I like all the shapes. I have resisted putting lots of them up. There are only so many pictures of tree branches and train stations that people-other-than-me can look at.

 58. 6th July 2012. Woodend train station. I have mad boot envy. I want those boots. She told me what site. Sheplers. If I weren't so chicken of buying boots on the internets without trying them on, I would get some.

 59. 7th July 2012. Woodend.

 60. 8th July 2012. Woodend. Another day of nearly forgetting to take a picture. I think it wasn't helped by the fact that I pretty much didn't leave the house all day. A second lovely sunny day in a row, but cold... icy cold.


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brent said...

Does it count if I'm not taking a photo every day, but I'm looking up at Mt Dandenong and the way she changes with the weather by the hour from my office window, backyard and bedroom window?