Thursday, 12 July 2012


 61. Monday 9th July 2012. Melbourne. The fabulous button store Buttonmania where I will go from now on for all my button requirements. It is in the old Nicholas Building on Swanston Street. It has ALL the buttons. On the way I didn't stop to buy liquorice at Darrell Lea and now I am kicking myself because with the news that came just days later that they might be going out of business, there is now no liquorice to be had. Not even for ready money.

62. 10th July 2012. Woodend. Not, strictly, *my* photo at all, but I was right there spinning, and it was my camera and all of mine for the day were pretty ordinary.

63. 11th July 2012. Melbourne Uni. Nell's bike. Nell is coolest person I know. If I ever get a bicycle, I want one just like this. With the handle bars just so.

 64. 12th July 2012. Spencer Street Station. I secretly love all the location specific advertising that NAB are doing at the station.

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