Thursday, 17 November 2011

Week of Madness

 From Edinburgh to Nottingham for Saturday night to catch up with a friend from Uni. And I met her new kid, which was all kinds of awesome. Nice kid.

Train from Nottingham to London on Sunday to stay with a friend of a friend.

British museum and catching up until all hours with friends from Madagascar on Monday. I noticed in the British museum that I could have saved myself the trip overland, because they had most of the stuff I saw right there. Anyone recognise the bull and lion?

Trip to Great Yarmouth on Tuesday to catch up with another friend from Madagascar. I nearly missed my connection in Norwich because we were delayed five minutes at Ipswitch because of platform availability issues.

Back to London on Wednesday to catch a flight to Canada. Unfortunately I made a tiny mistake with my ticket. I thought I was leaving Great Yarmouth at 9.30am, but it turned out that was the train I was supposed to catch from Norwich. I got the 9.17am from Great Yarmouth to Norwich, got on the 10am from Norwich to London and the nice man didn't throw me off for having the wrong ticket.

We were delayed five minutes at Ipswitch because of platform availability issues.

Got in to London Liverpool. Caught the tube to London Paddington. I missed the next train to Heathrow because I was confused about my ticket (I'd already printed it and didn't realise). Got to the airport just after 1pm. Got on the flight at 2pm. Took off at 2.25pm Watched five movies (The Bachelor Party II, Bad Teacher, Just Go With It, The Green Lantern, The Darjeeling Limited) to keep myself awake. Arrived in Vancouver at 4.15pm on the same day. Passed out unconscious at 8pm.

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brent said...

you only realised that once you got to the british museum?????? I could have told you THAT ;-)