Thursday, 3 November 2011

Leaving Kirkwall (part I), or Proof, if it were needed, that I am a little odd.

I ate the same lunch (at the reel) at least three times a week (not more than five) the whole six weeks I was in Orkney.

 I find it easier to throw something out if I take a picture of it first. I get attached to weird things. So, I took a photo of the yimpas bag. The carrefour (jia le fu) bag. The random pink bag that I carried my cross stitch around in.

The Earl Grey Twinings box with Farsi that we kept score on for the 500 games. The Yak boots bag that my Yak boots came in. (No, Mum, I didn't throw the yak boots out. Maybe I can get them fixed in Vancouver?)

The view from my brother's place (thanks Orkers for the nice send off).

The path up to Wideford Hill (it is muddier than it appears in this photo)

Getting up around to the Cairn on Wideford Hill.

 At the Cairn.

The Wideford Hill Cairn (you get in through the top. It is hard to believe that anyone ever went in through that front entrance, claustrophobia just looking at it).

The boat near my brother's place.

 The slightly freaky looking pony near my brother's place.

 If you didn't catch it the first time. Off-side eye.

 Near-side eye.

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