Friday, 4 November 2011


I arrived in Edinburgh to bright sunshine and warmth such that I had to shed several layers. The sun gave me the kind of heady euphoria usually associated with imbibing intoxicants.

So different from the last time I was here. A time characterised by deep unhappiness, darkness from 2pm to 10am, perpetual rainfall, and freezing temperatures I couldn't understand or deal with. Shit. Scuse the language but I just realised that that was 12 years ago (less six weeks).

I spent the afternoon wandering around in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth. The central purpose to my excursion was to go to K1 Yarns. I went. I was underwhelmed. Maybe because I know I am going to be in Vancouver in a couple of days.

If you have to ask yourself if I am really this immature, you don't know me:

I can remember weird bits of being in Edinburgh last time. Walking across the North Bridge in new shoes to go to a silver service waitressing job. The ATM around the corner from the hostel I stayed in. The curvy cobblestone road down to the train station. Going up to the castle. But I don't remember going into the castle or the station. I thought I booked into the hostel I stayed in last time, but it is around the corner.

I had to apply the rule about secondhand bookstores (I can look through the window, but not go in the shop). I tried to apply the same rule to the fudge shop I found, but the guy in there saw me and beckoned me in. 

I had planned to go to the knit night at tea tree tea tonight, but I enormously can't be bothered. My perfect evening would involve going to bed in about twenty minutes and sleeping until sometime late tomorrow morning.

It is weird to be surrounded by people again after being up in Orkney. It is even weirder to hear foreigners. This hostel is full of Australians and Canadians.

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brent said...

never make eye contact with the person behind the counter of a fudge shop or a mustard shop.