Friday, 21 August 2009

happy Easter to me

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: happy Easter to me

I was going to write an email about snot, but mum absolutely forbade me. She thinks I have written too much about the old green goo and should give it a rest. So I will restrict myself to remarking that I have a cold.

This week I am even more Chinese than I was last week. For example, I have always had very firm opinions about my personal space. Strict rules about where it started, who was allowed in it and when. I think it was about a foot and a half and not many people not often. I didn't even like other people's personal space being in my personal space. But this has all changed, I walk arm in arm with people, lean against people when I’m talking to them, and feel reasonably comfortable on the bus.

Also, I am learning more Chinese. My problem till now has been remembering the words, and I have worked out a system.

doorshow jen? (how much)
go away (expensive)
how (good)
hen house (very good)
thai howler (really good)
chafing (let's eat)
jaguar (all purpose word, mainly meaning 'this one')
negligee (all purpose word, mainly meaning 'that one')
I see one (I like)
and so on. There are lots more.

My hair is growing (imagine!) and I am starting to look more like me again, not that strange girl in the mirror. Actually I am starting to look a lot like Bono when U2 recorded 'Under a Blood Red Sky'.

I am going to go to the barber in the street. I am waiting for my courage and a sunny day (for good photos) to coincide. I figure if I can shave my own head, I can go to some guy on the side of the road to get a hair cut.

Happy Easter to everyone. China embraced Valentine’s Day, but hasn't seemed to notice Easter. I have some Easter eggs, (thank you Canada (no! I haven’t eaten them (all) yet)).

love love love

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