Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Lovesong of Celia J. Prufrock

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: The Lovesong of Celia J. Prufrock

oh coffee
remember me?
I want to hold you
in my hands again.
roast beef you remain,
with potatoes and gravy
and maybe some peas,
most pleasing.
pasta with pumpkin
and cheese or something
spicy and hot
with ginger and not
a hint of star anise.
o Cadbury, who am I
without you, o timtams.
o cheese, o cheese
in a toasted sandwich
with salami.
what bliss.
olives and hommus
biscuits and bread.
o bread cut thick
and spread with honey
or toasted and, with the
most exquisite jam,
fish, barbequed, tender, flaking
your white flesh would take me
through raptures untold.
lamb to capture
the magic of rosemary and sage
and garlic and wine.
Babka's lemon tart
sharp in my mouth, I smile.
Tasmanian Blue Banner pickled onions
does anything matter
with your bitter taste
between my teeth?
oh for the velvety feel
of tomatoes - hot from the sun -
against my fingers.
almonds, cashews, black jelly beans
nutella, cracked pepper pate
smoked oysters and cheese.
nectarines from our tree
tasting like sunshine.
a bowl of müsli
crunched while tired eyes
desire a deeper sleep.
a breeze that touches your skin
and brings the smell of fresh baked
fruit cake
catches in your heart
and you yearn
for foods forgotten
and far away.

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