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the taste of chalk dust (think tofu and you're just about there)

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: the taste of chalk dust (think tofu and you're just about there)

I want to tell you all about my funners week.

It all started on a Wednesday, I know it was a Wednesday because on Wednesday the milkman always comes at two (sorry, I have been reading a lot of Agatha

Any way, on Thursday I went out to dinner with jenny (an English teacher) and her boyfriend Vince and her friend Bob from Texas. Bob from Texas is very disappointing as a Texan, he doesn't even say y'all. He knows of black adder but when I said, 'Bob, that's a funny name for a girl' he didn't laugh. He invited me out the next night with a bunch of his American friends (two of them were going home). I went to meet him at the train station, when I got there there was this man who started chasing me round saying 'wo ai ni, wo ai ni.' and that he wanted to kiss me. Close to tears, I fled into the train station. Ten minutes later it occurred to me that Bob from Texas might not be coming by train. So I ventured to surface. and to my great joy the drunken man had gone and Bob was there.

We were out until so late and when I got home the gates were locked. Just as Bob from Texas suggested I come to his place for the night, one of the nice men came out and opened the gate. then of course the building was locked. I thought for sure I would be curled up next to the garbage bins for the night. but then the man in the basement appeared from below in his long johns and slippers and rescued me from my ignoble fate.

On Saturday I found some jeans that fit (men’s jeans, one size down from the biggest size you can buy. The women's jeans, not now, not ever.) and a shirt (men's).

On Monday a Canadian group arrived (from Canada!). There are two teachers and four students, so I am quite replete with spoken English. I took them out shopping and for dinner and discovered I have learned more about China and Beijing than I had thought, I am quite an accomplished tour guide.

Also this week, I have had three nosebleeds, my hair started falling out and I cleaned my room. I am hoping the nosebleeds are because it is so dry and the hair because it is getting warmer, I cannot explain why I cleaned my room (with a mop and everything) it is totally out of character, what’s more, it has stayed neat til now.

all my love

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