Thursday, 24 September 2009

from Bono to Beatles

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: from Bono to Beatles

I had a China Experience on the way to the internet cafe today. There was a traffic jam so bad that the people walking (like me) were stuck.

There is all this fluffy white shit in the air. Apparently it comes from the willows and it is pollen or something. It makes it hard to breath and hard to see. Gets stuck in your teeth and eyes and ears and nose. It looks like a blizzard but the sun is blazing and it is stinking hot. (Was it ever cold? I can't believe it was ever cold)

I got my hair cut, the really picturesque spot where the guy has been cutting hair was ripped down, but I think I still got some good photos. They are ripping down all the buildings at the end of the street, you can look in and see little bits of people's lives, men are coming and taking away all the furniture on bicycles and everyone looks a bit lost.

Hope Easter was funners
love ceels

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