Monday, 8 October 2007

'e' for eddy elephant (or 18 more days to go)

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 20:08:00 +0000 (GMT)
From: Ceels
Subject: 'e' for eddy elephant (or 18 more days to go).

Well, all the girls are back after exeat. I have to keep reminding myself how much I love them. they take it in turns, about three at a time, to be naughty.

Sometimes it is the same girl over and over and over, but mostly they seem to have a roster.

Today most of them have been quite vile, I have been lied to so many times that I splutter, just thinking about it. And the tantrums, let me tell you about the tantrums. I would like to make an open apology to my mum for any tantrum I have ever thrown. All of them. Even if I wasn’t over-reacting or was really really tired. I am sorry mum. I can’t remember how many there were, but one is enough. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a liar though.

Today I have heard every thing from ‘I can’t wear that jumper it doesn’t fit me’ to ‘no I haven’t had any biscuits’. Yes folks, earth stopping stuff. But if one more little girl tells me one more bare faced lie, I’ll I’ll I’ll do nothing because really, what can I do. I can’t thump them. I can’t swear at them and I can’t really send them up to bed early for stealing biscuits. The other day one of the year six girls was doing her best to convince one of the year three girls that Gemma Wilson had just been run over by a car. The year three girl was nearly hysterical that one of her best friends had just been squashed when I walked in.

I am reasonably confident that Sarah Brady will never again try and make the little girls cry.

I have my new fleece on. I love my new fleece. I can almost imagine I am somewhere warm when I am wearing it. Of course it makes me look like an enormous fluffy blue peach. And I think the answer to the question ‘does this jumper make me look like a pogga’ is 'Yes, yes it does'.

But at least I am a warm pogga. The line between vanity and warmth was left behind long ago. This damn frostbitten country.

Oh, can I tell you. They have here mandarins, tangerines, clementines and satsumas (they all bloody look like mandarins to me) but no Timtams. I have become quite addicted to the McVities chocolate coated digestives though. Not quite the same thing but strangely appealing. But I will never like the peas. And I do not understand why they take perfectly good fresh vegetables, boil them in heavily salted water until they could be strained then drown them in oil or butter (or both). What a waste. And no bloody wonder they eat so much gravy on meat. Every thing tastes like it has been cooked too long. Savages. I just hold up my hand and say ‘vegetarian’.

That is all my exciting news folks, except that it is Saint Cecilia’s day today. Pretty exciting. Oh and I have a job interview in London on Thursday (it was going to be tomorrow, but gear happened).

I am getting out of the school for a day. I am getting out of the school for a day.

love you lots
ceels ____________________________________________________________

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