Tuesday, 2 October 2007

'c' for clever cat

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 21:24:28 +0000 (GMT)
From: Ceels
Subject: 'c' for clever cat.

Everyone at this school is paranoid. Yes they are. And they are all determined to send me on an enormous guilt trip. They are all convinced that I am constantly trying to shirk my work. They all think I am stupid. And they all think that I behave like the children (so my voice was a bit loud and the inspectors were in the next room). The inspectors are here this week so everybody has gone panic stations and have started flinging about the buckets of stress that they have been lugging for the last two months.

They got shirty with me today. They didn't say anything directly, like 'get off the phone' but made snide comments and said things like 'What! Are you still on the same phone call?' 'I hope the school isn't paying for that call', and generally belittled me. I didn't know that I was tying up the main line and nobody else could get through. They should have more than one line any way. They could have just said 'get off the phone.' but no, they are so blinking polite they could only give me withering stares and rude comments.

I am apparently not supposed to use the computers, but I figure they can't make me feel guilty about it if they don't catch me. So I sneak down here way late at night and let my self in.

On a brighter note, there are 25 days till I leave and the new nursery teacher is one of the acest people I have met since I came to England. So the rest of my days here are going to be pleasant.

I am getting along well with the girls and I will really miss them, I have promised to come back and visit before I return to Australia. The girls whom I do toe-by-toe (literacy program) with are improving in leaps and bounds. Last night I was sitting in one of the dorms chatting to Maddy and Aggie (Madeline and Agatha) just before lights out and Maddy made the connection between Ireland being and island and being called Ireland, and the two words sounding the same. It sounds pretty boring but it was quite something to see her face. It all lit up and looked like Christmas.

I did reading with the pre-prep today and Alice finished a whole book and was very proud of her self, she got a star. I read with Hector next and the last time we read together he finished a whole book and he was determined to do it again (and some times on the weekends he finishes two whole books). He did and also received a star.

I had another nasty snot experience. I am sorry to keep going on about the stuff, but it is a major part of my life. You wouldn't believe how blasé I have become about holding the tissue for the kids to blow their noses. Any way. You would imagine that kids who sneeze would be as cute as kittens who sneeze, or puppies. On Friday we were all sitting around for story time in the nursery and Lauren went 'hhuuh, huh huh.... (and her eyes were all scrunched up and cute)...hhhuhh, choooo.' and two long opaque candles of snot went shooting out of her face and landed in two bulgy lumps on the floor. Was I disturbed? I just stood, got a tissue and picked the little boogers up.

Bravo ceels I say.

But, I gotta sneak off again,
love you all
ceels ____________________________________________________________

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