Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I'm painting my nails on Sunday

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000
From: Ceels
Subject: I'm painting my nails on Sunday.

I can peel an orange and get the peel in one long strip. But only when I’m concentrating.

Ceels's crash course in leadership-skills:
1. Never bitch to any one 'lower' than you about anyone on their tier of the hierarchy or above.

2. Pick the rules and stick with them

3. Delegate but never make anyone else do something you are not prepared to so yourself

4. Never panic and always pretend you know what's going on.

The rest of the course I will think of later.

There is construction going on in the alley outside the kitchen and that and the recent rain is driving all the M-O-U-S-E-S (said in loud stage whisper so the punters don't hear) inside. The other night we had one in the kitchen.

I was hiding behind the oven grabbing a bite to eat and Dan said 'did you see that, did you see that? There was an m-o-u-s-e in the kitchen.' it then did a runner from the dishwasher, past me and under the grill section fridges. I had a mouthful of food and was in no position to comment.

We then fetched a broom and, being the only person in the kitchen who is not afraid of mice, I got down on my hands and knees and tried to get it out. I was just about to give up when it appeared; it took a curve around the dumb waiter, jumped Suzy’s feet and slid past Kelly under the larder benches. I leapt to my feet and screamed, Suz jumped and screamed, Kelly jumped and screamed. It was like a domino effect and we figured the punters must know what was going on.

On Tuesday we were sitting in the actual restaurant. The menu had changed and Suzy was explaining how to make everything. Two customers leapt to their feet and stood by the pass. We just smiled and waved. Mice had come out from the couches and jumped over their bags. Later I saw a woman leap up, fling a five-dollar note at a waiter and sprint out the front door.

The health department has a few issues with the proposition that what the punters don't know won't hurt them and it appears the punters agree.

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