Friday, 1 June 2012

A giant (ever growing) list of songs I want to learn onna banjo

Sweet Georgia Brown
Awake my Soul
Flint Hill
Hard Times
Banjo Picking Girl
I quit my job
For unto us a child is born
Wretched Man
Sheep may safely graze
They Killed John Henry
Take it in
When I die
Hey Soul Sister
I'm Yours
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads - All of them
Little Lion Man
Everything'll be All Right
Hot girl in the Comic Shop
One Voice
Roll in my sweet baby's arms
The Piano has been drinking
Zefiro Torno (really just the start from about 0.50)
If I were a feather bed
Jessica's Theme
Doctor Who Theme
O False One, You have Deceived Me
Firefly Theme
Fast Car
I and Love and You
Reason to Believe
Fake Plastic Trees
It doesn't matter
That kind of love
Shake it out
Do I ever cross your mind?
Goodnight Irene
We are the Battery Human
Angeline the Baker
Good Riddance
Ain't no Grave
Rye Whiskey
Half of what we know
Kick Drum Heart
Beyond the Sea
Big Yellow Taxi
Lover Lover
The Fox
I gotta feeling
Fireball Mail
Mercedes Benz
You are my Sunshine
Whisky before breakfast
Angels (they start playing it at the 2 min mark)
Silver Dagger
I'll tell my Ma
Tip of my tongue
Crunchy Granola Suite
No, woman, no cry
Better man
Every Valley
Cherry Cherry
Let the good times roll
Call your girlfriend
Come softly to me
Map of Tasmania
All over you
Si Dolce e'l Tormento
Gonna Get Along with out You Now
Cotton Fields
Midnight Special
Black Betty
I'm gonna be an Engineer
Wild Rose of the Mountain
Bury me beneath the Willow
Billy in the Lowground
Parting Glass
She has to be loved
Grandfather's Clock
This is it
Words Unspoken
Under African Skies
Cotton Eye Joe
Sally Ann
Whiskey in the Jar
It's because I love you
Foggy Mountain Top
Mama Blues
American Tune
Carol of the Bells
Turkey in the Straw
Molly Malone
Call me maybe
(I also love this mashup)
Rocky Top
January Wedding
Spiegel im Spiegel
Every Little Thing
St Anne's Reel
Ookpik Waltz
Dancing in the Dark
Born in the USA
Apple Jack
High and Dry
Monday Morning Blues
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Algarrobo Algarrobal
Don't go breaking my heart
I Walk the Line
Go Down Moses
Come On Up to the House
I Won't Give Up
Gangnam Style
Golden Brown
Come As You Are
Final Countdown
Ghostbusters Theme
Enter Sandman
Johnny B. Good
Tall Lover Man
Sitting on Top of the World
Sweet Child of Mine
Steal My Kisses
Walk Away
Another Lonely Day
Sand In My Shoes


brent said...

No woman no cry I think is a very easy song to play.

Patience is dead easy, even the first part of the guitar solo is worth learning.

I think Big Yellow Taxi would be awesome on banjo. I think Better Man would be hard. The guitar riff from Lithium makes a lot of sense when played on guitar but I can imagine it being problematic on banjo

You Are My Sunshine is super easy, and would be super sweet on a banjo.

Ceels said...

Good advice. I am thinking Sunshine might be the next one to learn.