Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I've left there, now, but...

These were my last few days in Vancouver.

 As you can see, the weather was superb. I don't think it rained the last six or seven days I was there.

 The turkey and the ham each trying to convince you to go for the other.

 A nest.


A hummingbird.

 A tyre swing/ horsie.

 A car on the way home from Aphrodite's. I got a piece of Chocolate Banana Cream Pie to eat on the plane on the way home, but it was clear to everybody that it wasn't going to survive the journey there, so I ate it for afternoon tea.

I caught the sky train to the airport and it was smooth, clean, warm, cheap and quick. Melbourne really needs to lift its game on transport from the main airport to the city. For now, if anyone needs to be picked up from the airport, give me a call.

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