Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Latin the pony

In late October, my year 9s asked me what I wanted for Christmas. It was in the middle of class and I said 'A pony!' and thought no more of it.

And in the last class they presented me with a pony. They named him Latin and I am tempted to take him with me on my travels. Partly to do that thing where you have pictures of a stuffed animal at all the sites. Partly to take a little bit of my old life with me. Partly because I think he will make quite a handy pillow.

The bear behind Latin has travelled with me to China, Madagascar, Canada, the US and Tibet. He would argue that he should go for continuity's sake. Certainly, he would be a well travelled bear by the time he got back.

I already can't fit in all the books and knitting I want to take, so the notion of taking both is something I am toying with, but trying to discard. 

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