Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The MSC Palermo

Today I booked my spot on a container ship heading for Singapore.


She is the MSC Palermo. I am terrified.

Yesterday, the year 10s said goodbye to me and the other Latin teacher leaving at the end of the year. They made a card and gave me a bunch of yellow roses and Justin made a speech. I am so sad to be leaving those guys, and my year 9s. Plus, last week the school offered me what was pretty much my ideal teaching job, if only I would put off my leave for a year. I am horribly conflicted.

But it is too late now.

It seems like the accommodation will be quite comfortable. Not living in a container for 13 days, as more than one student suggested.

I booked through Freighter Cruises. The woman I spoke to, Julie, was very helpful and let me know important information like: If I don't have a ticket out of Singapore on me immigration won't let me get off the boat there.

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