Saturday, 31 May 2008


This was going to be the craft room, but it told me, the other day when I was home sick, that it wants to be a study.

There is now much less stuff in it (but where has the stuff gone you ask).

My room, I swear this is a little neater now, and has more furniture.

Jem's (I swear it's a little messier now) (the photo flatly refused to rotate, so you'll have to tip your head:)

Kitchen - much the same state, really, just different quantities of mess.

This space got much neater, but is now covered in piles of yarn (I have been having a splendid time, playing in the stash)

This is where I was talking to you (member I said I took a picture?)

Bathroom, taps keep falling off in the shower. And, yes, those are all my toiletries in the bath (they were in a yarn bag and I needed it back in a hurry. Now I don't know where to put them all)

I didn't take a picture of the toilet, you can see that when you get here.

The only day I have spent at home was the day that I was sick, so the mess hasn't moved far. I am looking forward to a full measure of good health and spare time. And now I am going to troop guiltily to bed (this late hour is exactly why I shouldn't be allowed the internet (or gin)).

Be well.


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